Get Yourself a Proper Job

Simon Topping talks to other professional funny people about their beginnings

Welcome to the Get Yourself a Proper Job Podcast page where comedy writer and performer, Simon Topping, talks to other funny professionals about how it all started for them; delving a little into their childhood, how they were as kids, plus the breaks they got and the people who helped them along the way, as well as the challenges they faced.  Did anyone ever urge them, “Get Yourself a Proper Job?” Let’s find out. 

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The Host

Simon Topping is a comedy writer and performer. He questions his fellow performers in the podcast.

George Egg

Episode one is a chat with George Egg, the cooking comedian. As seen on The Bake Off: An Extra Slice, Radio 4 and much more.

Elf Lyons

Episode two is with Elf Lyons; Award winning comedian, writer and theatre director. Credits: 6 Music, Radio 4, BBC TV, ITV2, UKTV and More.

Dan Evans

Stand-up and comedy writer for Milton Jones and Frankie Boyle (Amongst others) Coming in June.

Brodi Snook

Listed in the Telegraph’s Top comedy shows and Ardal O’Hanlan’s support for his full UK tour, in 2019. Coming in June.

Aidan Goatley

Internationally touring comedian and support for Hal Cruttenden. Brilliant sell out show: 10 Films with my Dad. Coming in June.

All the Episodes below:

Elf Lyons: Episode 2 Get Yourself a Proper Job

Elf Lyons is an award-winning comedian, writer and theatre director. She has gained a reputation as one of the most innovative performers on the UK comedy circuit – through her dynamic high spectacle comedy shows Swan (2017), ChiffChaff (2018), Medusa (2018)Â and Love Songs to GuineaPigs (2019)- which have each performed to sold out audiences throughout the UK and beyond.In the last few years Elf has been nominated for BEST SHOW at the Edinburgh Fringe, the Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality,Fringe World Perth's Best Comedy Show and in 2018 Elf won Pick of the Fringe at the Adelaide Fringe, Australia.Here we talk about her origins as a comedy performer, wine drinking as a marvellous form of pain relief, her training at the Gaulier Clowning school, about us both being extroverted introverts and the importance of water, amongst other things. The interview was recorded just before one of her gigs, last year, at the Brighton Komedia, one of the UK’s finest small arts venues.  Support it now if you can.  In these hard times it is in need of all the help it can get.   You can listen to Elf on BBC Radio 6, BBC Radio Worldwide, BBC Radio 4 among many others alongside an array of highly rated podcasts. You can watch Elf on The Dog Ate My Homework (BBC),The Stand Up Sketch Show (ITV2) and Comedy Against Living Miserably (UKTV).
  1. Elf Lyons: Episode 2
  2. George Egg: Episode 1

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