Get Yourself a Proper Job

Simon Topping talks to other professional funny people about their beginnings

Welcome to the Get Yourself a Proper Job Podcast page where comedy writer and performer, Simon Topping, talks to other funny professionals about how it all started for them; delving a little into their childhood, how they were as kids, plus the breaks they got and the people who helped them along the way, as well as the challenges they faced.  Did anyone ever urge them, “Get Yourself a Proper Job?” Let’s find out. 

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The Host

Simon Topping is a comedy writer and performer. He questions his fellow performers in the podcast.

George Egg

Episode one is a chat with George Egg, the cooking comedian. As seen on The Bake Off: An Extra Slice, Radio 4 and much more.

Elf Lyons

Episode two is with Elf Lyons; Award winning comedian, writer and theatre director. Credits: 6 Music, Radio 4, BBC TV, ITV2, UKTV and More.

Dan Evans

Dan Evans, stand-up and comedy writer for Milton Jones and Frankie Boyle (Amongst others)

Brodi Snook

Brodi is listed in the Telegraph’s Top comedy shows, Chortle Awards Best New Comer 2020 and Ardal O’Hanlan’s support for his full UK tour, in 2019/20

Aidan Goatley

Internationally touring comedian, Aidan has been support for Hal Cruttenden. He has had several brilliant sell out shows, including the fab: 10 Films with my Dad.

Liz Peters

Liz teaches and performs improv around the world and is the co-artistic director of The Maydays, a national stalwart of the improv scene. She is also the author of “Own it! How to boss your fearsComing Soon

Michael Fabbri

Coming Soon

Marisa Carnesky

Coming Soon

All the Episodes below:

Aidan Goatley: Episode 5 Get Yourself a Proper Job

In this episode I talk to Aidan Goatley about good gigs, bad gigs and really poor gigs. Aidan talk about a disastrous Cruise Ship performing experience, how he was initially put off stand up by an early knock and how his desire to get back on stage was rekindled by participating in the Jill Edwards comedy course in Brighton; a course which has spawned the careers of many top flight comedians over the past 20 years. We also chat about the odd jobs you have to do along the way, the importance of having very understanding partners, as well as the need to be adaptable and resilient. Aidan has been performing since 2011 and has had huge success with his debut show ’10 Films with my Dad’ which has been performed in the UK, Dubai, Istanbul, all over Europe and even Guildford. His other shows include The Vicars Husband, The Joys of Retail and Travels of a Happy Man. He’s also been tour support for Hal Cruttenden as well as headlining gigs all over the UK. ‘Charmingly Funny’ – The Scotsman‘Proper comic gold’ – Chortle‘A blend of Jerry Seinfeld and Hugh Grant, Riotously funny’ – Broadway Baby’A definite star in the making.’ – Latest 7’A Brilliant Raconteur…Amazing’ – Fringeguru ‘Had the audience in stitches’ – Three Weeks ‘A singular wit, highly recommended’- Edinburgh Evening News
  1. Aidan Goatley: Episode 5
  2. Brodi Snook: Episode 4
  3. Dan Evans: Episode 3
  4. Elf Lyons: Episode 2
  5. George Egg: Episode 1

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